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Short presentation of Sare Translations

Our company focuses on helping companies to overcome the culture and language barriers that it will have to face in order to reach other countries in an increasing globalised world.

We are based in the Basque Country and we have a wide network of vendors all over the world. We are a gateway to other cultures and markets, but we are also a bridge to ours. English is indeed the global language but we all love it when they talk to us in our mother tongue, and it is then that we can earn people’s trust and avoid misunderstandings.

What really matters to us is to see our clients satisfied with our work and confident about the product they will offer. A first step to sell their product and a key step to come across correctly.

Language services tailored to your actual needs and a personalised, direct and close attention.

Quality in translations

We are aware of the extreme importance of quality in translation and, with that in mind, we base our services and business relationships on three main principles:
1. We always translate into our mother tongue

The standard of quality delivered by a professional translating into their mother tongue can very rarely be topped by those who do not. That is why we always go for native translators with experience in that particular field and we previously check their expertise through sample tests.

2. Projects are carried out by a translator specialised in that area

There are many examples of documents with words and a style that were just not right for that specific situation or topic. Words and style can be very different depending on the context. A poor choice of words or style can easily ruin your chances of obtaining a business opportunity and it might draw your customers towards the competition. In order to avoid all these pitfalls, we always work with industry-specialised professionals.

3. Documents are always proofread by another person before being delivered to the client

Since everybody can make mistakes and two heads are better than one, this way we offer a higher quality standard to our clients.

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Companies that trust us
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