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We translate emails, brochures, websites ... from general texts to machine user manuals.
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General translations

Marketing experts know how important it is to be correct when communicating or writing emails. A message written in the customer’s mother tongue reaches more deeply than one written in English, even though the person might still understand it.

Have you received a message from a market abroad and do not know how to reply? Are you even sure you understood it?

We can offer you a “flat rate” for the general translation needs of your company.

Examples of documents: Websites from official institutions, press releases, emails, signs, flyers and official records.

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Medical translations

Medical texts tend to use , ideas and a format, that is very specific to the field, specially when the end user is also an industry expert.

Whether the message is addressed to health care professionals or patients, the language used must be specific and carefully chosen.

A low quality medical translation may bring about very serious consequences and, therefore, it is extremely important that it is done properly.

A precise, high-quality translation is simply essential and the best way to ensure that is by using translators who are specialised in the field.

Examples of documents: Patient information leaflets, clinical studies, medical instrumentation catalogues, patient records, medical history, authorizations, medical surveys and consents.

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Tourism translations

We have years of experience translating all sorts of documents for companies hotels and campsites along the Spanish and French coast.

Examples of documents: Websites, flyers, signs and posters for hotels, campsites, amusement parks, festival and culture programmes and invitations.

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Technical translations

It might not be as obvious as in the case of medical documents but we also believe in the importance of accuracy and suitability when it comes to technical translation.

Professionals in this industry handle documents that have to be very straightforward and totally accurate. Your best bet is to leave it to a team of translation and revision industry experts.

Examples of documents: Machine tool manuals, websites for the industry, product presentation and documents for the car industry.

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Sworn translations

Do you have to submit an official document from another country translated into another language? Do not worry, we will do it for you. You will have it ready with the stamp of a sworn translator certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Science translations

Science related texts use a very specific language that is often more complex than the one in general texts. We simply cannot trust this kind of documents to people who are not prepared to understand them. Our translators specialised in Science do understand what they are translating.

Examples of documents: Environmental research, theses, science articles, abstracts, biology books and Science textbooks.

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En un mundo globalizado como el actual, es muy común que los desarolladores de contenidos Web, aplicaciones o programas informáticos deseen ampliar su oferta a los idiomas de otros países. Realizamos localizaciones de software para móviles, programas y entornos informáticos.

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