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Our most demanded service is translation, but that does not mean that this is the only thing we do. We deliver all sorts of language solutions for your regular needs or for special occasions.
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Translation and localization

We translate emails, brochures, websites … from general texts to machine user manuals.

Types of translations we specialize in: Science translations, Medical translations, Technical translations, Tourism translations, General translations, Sworn translations and Localization.

We are members of the Association of Translators, Correctors and Interpreters of Basque Language.

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Would you like to ascertain that you are conveying the right message? We will revise the document for you. A poorly written text could be very detrimental. You might have worked hard at preparing a professional-looking document but it could produce a result very different from what you expected if there is a mistake unspotted by a proofreading expert.

It goes without saying that proofreading is always done by translators in their mother tongue.

Revision of technical and science documents, textbooks, marketing and theses.

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Transcription and subtitles

Have your video and audio files in writing to leave no doubt as to what it was said.

Experience in transcription for the Public Administration. Transcription and/or subtitles in the same language or translated. We have the most advanced software and experienced specialists.

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Do you need a liaison in another language for your client’s visit?

Do not let language be an obstacle for you to welcome guests or attend a seminar. We have liaisons and interpreters.

Tell us about your needs. We will tell you about how to meet them.

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Since professionals working in their mother tongues is one of our main principles, our voice-overs are always performed by experts in their mother tongues. We facilitate the creation process of your corporate video.

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Preparation of material for seminars and trade fairs icon
Preparation of material for seminars and trade fairs

Are you planning to attend a fair or seminar? Do you need signs, brochures, flyers and so forth in several languages? Ask for a quote and we will handle it.

Tell us about your needs and we will help you to prepare everything for the trade fair: signs and flyers in several languages, liaisons, etc.

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Transcreation and name assessment

We make your document look good also in other languages.

We can create slogans and marketing campaigns in different languages.

We assess the name of your trademarks and products in other countries through language consultants from all over the world. Make sure your trade name is the right one. We evaluate several options based on different criteria: Pronunciation challenges, similarity to other terms, potential negative meanings, etc. Something might sound good to us and still be the wrong choice for another part of the world.

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Intercultural consultancy

Comprehending the differences between one’s culture and that of the target market is a key to avoiding misunderstandings.

Business is not done the same way everywhere.

Would you like to know how to create relationships and do business in other countries? We can assist

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